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Andy Reid's Bizarre Juan Castillo Hiring, Faith Healing Parents Won't Go To Jail, Anderson Cooper Attacked, and Total Internet Blackout in Egypt


The Omelette Thursday February 3, 2011

Andy Reid's Shocking Hiring of Juan Castillo as Defensive Coordinator

The Eagles and Andy Reid have once again fooled us all and pulled a new one out of the playbook by naming offensive line coach Juan Castillo as their new defensive coordinator. Aside from this move coming out of leftfield it's unprecedented for an NFL team to turn an offensive assistant into a defensive coordinator. The Eagles' defense has held this team back for the past two years and it's foolish to not bring in a defensive coach who at least has some NFL defensive coaching experience. Castillo last coached defense in 1989 as a high school coach. For my complete take on the puzzling Juan Castillo hiring, check out my article from last night.

Faith-healing Parents Only Get 10 Years Probation For Son's Death

Catherine and Herbert Schaible, the faith-healing parents of a child who died of pnemonia were sentenced to 10 years probation yesterday. They were convicted of involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child in December after prosecutors say they failed to take their infant son to a doctor when he showed signs of the flu. Rather than exercise judgement and get their son medical help, they opted to pray to him. The bottom line is the parents failed to get their son medical help and should be charged and sentenced for neglect. Philadelphia Senior Common Pleas Judge Carolyn Engel Temin clearly disagrees with logic and science and felt that prison time would be too harsh for these religious fanatics. Once again rationality is shoved aside in favor of religion.

Total Internet Blackout in Egypt and Violence Induced By Mubarak Supporters

Egyptian Dictator Hosni Mubarak not only won't leave the country this week (as requested by ElBaradei) but he unleashed his cronies into the crowds yesterday to incite violence and it resulted in five deaths. Even CNN's Anderson Cooper was attacked by Mubarak's goons. Mubarak also pulled the trigger and issued a total internet blackout in Egypt. Mubarak at this point has as much credibility as Idi Amin and should be removed forcefully from office. One can only hope the people overthrow him sooner than later. Mubarak isn't fit to run a deli counter let alone a nation like Egypt.