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British Woman Dies From Butt Enhancement, Woman's Dog and Car Stolen in Cherry Hill, and Lindsay Lohan Felony Theft Charge


The Omelette Wednesday February 9, 2011

British Woman Dies From Butt Enhancement in Hotel Room

Yep you read that correctly. A British woman flew across the ocean to get implants placed in her buttocks in a hotel in Philly. This is no laughing matter though. The woman reportedly went to a hotel room (inside a Hampton Inn) to have silicon injections in her buttocks at noon and twelve hours later, she complained of chest pains before passing away at a Delaware county hospital. The preliminary cause of death is attributed to silicone injected into her vascular system, which caused her heart to stop. The victim, Claudia Adusei was just 20 years old and traveled to the states with two of her friends. She was believed to have met with two people who performed the procedure.

Woman's Dog Stolen in Car Theft

A woman's dog was stolen when she went into a convenience store to buy cigarrettes, while leaving her dog in the car. The theft occurred at a Lukoil in Cherry Hill. A slender blond-haired woman in bright green pants was caught on surveillance tape Saturday night stealing the car and her dog (a Shih Tzu), from the gas station.

Lindsay Lohan Facing Possible Felony Theft Charges

Lindsay Lohan is once again in legal trouble...big shocker. This time she allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, CA jewelry store. The felony grand theft charge, will be the most serious charge Lohan has faced yet during her constant run-ins with the law.