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Pizza Shop Owner Puts Mice in Rival Shops, Charlie Sheen's "Non-Insane" Today Show Interview, and Dogs Die From Poisoned Meatballs


The Omelette Tuesday March, 1 2011

Rival Pizza Shop Owner Puts Mice in Competitors' Shops

This is a story of three pizza shops, three pizza shop owners (including one lunatic), and several mice. Once again Upper Darby is in the news for the wrong reasons, except this time it entails a different sort of thuggery. Nickolas Galiatsatos, 47, owner of Nina’s Bella Pizzeria in Upper Darby, Pa., was allegedly caught placing mice inside two separate rival pizza shops yesterday. He was so brazen about it, that he actually placed mice in a shop while two cops were having lunch. Then he went and put the mice in the garbage can of another pizza shop. The police then arrested Gliatsatos, who is being accused of food terrorism by his rival pizza shop owners. Last year, there were tow truck wars in Philly, which led to shootings. Gliatsatos' half-baked mice scheme brings new meaning to the term "turf war."

Charlie Sheen's Epic Today Show Interview

Last Thursday Charlie Sheen went on the Alex Jones Show and gave a 20-minute rambling interview (rant), which all but cemented the end of his run with CBS when he ripped CBS Producer Chuck Lorre. Two and a Half Men was canceled for the rest of the season and may be done for good. Yesterday he kicked things into another gear with his interview on The Today Show. Many people are brushing off Charlie Sheen's interview on The Today Show as an episode of insanity. Many of the soundbites of the clip being regurgitated include his references to Allen Iverson's "Practice" press conference, having "Adonis DNA," and "Tiger Blood." However, when you look into the interview further he's not a mad man. He knows fully well what he's saying. I don't happen to think he's insane, he's just an arrogant and deplorable human being. There's a word for people like Charlie Sheen and it begins with the letter "A" and the second word is "HOLE." During his 10-minute long interview on The Today Show he sounded like a man so consumed with himself and so in love with himself that it was sickening. He allegedly took a drug test yesterday and RadarOnline.com was there for it. One of the founders of Radar Online will be on 93.3 WMMR's Preston and Steve Show later in the morning to reveal the results.

Charlie Sheen took the test to back up claims that he's not on drugs. Even though he denies that he's doing any drugs, when you consider how gaunt he looked, it's clear the man was on a serious drug binge for weeks. Charlie Sheen's Today Show Interview is more of a testament to how consumed he is with himself. He claimed "his family" is being attacked by CBS and he needs that income during the interview. However, he was blowing through tens of thousands of dollars on drugs, booze, and hookers on a regular basis over the past year. This is a man who is in denial and unwilling to accept the fact that he was the problem. After getting free pass after free pass, CBS finally came to their senses and laid down the law. Now, this spoiled, pampered, drug addicted egomaniac can't accept "losing." Charlie Sheen is right that he can't accept losing - his lifestyle that is. He's so willing to throw that lifestyle away by being arrogant that he's demanding a 50% pay raise to look like he has the upper hand. Sheen will soon learn that he's just another replaceable cog in the machine of Hollywood. To watch the Charlie Sheen Today Show Interview, check out the video from Businessinsider.com

Dogs in Cumberland County Die From Poisoned Meatballs

Three Cumberland County dogs have died after eating apparently poisoned meatballs along a trail, according to local SPCA officials. The three incidents happened earlier this month along trails in the Dividing Creek area. One such dog, a golden retriever gulped down a tennis ball-sized hunk of raw meat that he found along the trail, according to his owner Joan Jerdel.  Within minutes the 5-year-old retriever began to shake and foam at the mouth as he struggled to breath. And, he died 30 minutes later. At this point it appears this is intentional.

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