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Forbes Rich List Is Out, Charlie Manuel Signs Extension, Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Bill Passes, and 21 Priests Named


The Omelette Thursday March 10, 2011

Forbes "Rich List" of World's Wealthiest Billionaires Is Out

The annual Forbes "rich list" is out, otherwise known as "The World's Billionaires" list. Carlos Slim Helu is still the richest man in the world and it's not even close. He's worth $74 billion and Bill Gates is next at $56 billion. Oh yeah, Helu is also a Mexican businessman and he's not even involved in the drug trade down there! To become a billionaire in the corrupt nation of Mexico without being involved in the drug trade is quite a feat in itself. Helu made his billions in the telecommunications industry.

Charlie Manuel Signs 2-year Extension

The Phillies and Charlie Manuel have finally agreed on a contract extension, which will keep him with the Phillies through the 2013 season. There never really was a question in mind whether or not the Phillies and Manuel would agree on a extension; it was just a matter when. What is interesting is that they only gave him a two-year extension, which sends a message to Manuel and the current roster that they must win a World Series before the 2013 season or else.

Wisconsin Senate Votes In Favor of Collective Bargaining

Wisconsin Republican State Senators have voted in favor a bill, which will strip public employees of their rights to collective bargaining. Republican Governor Scott Walker says he will sign it into law as soon as possible. There is now an effort underway to recall the Republican Senators who voted in favor of this measure by exploiting a loophole. Opponents of the measure argue this is an attack on the middle class. While proponents argue it's necessary to control the spending in the state of Wisconsin.

21 Priests' Names Are Revealed

The names of 21 priests from the Philadelphia Archdiocese have been revealed just two days after Cardinal Justin Rigali said they were suspended. Rigali wouldn't reveal their names at the time though. The church has changed their tune though. MyFoxPhilly.com has the names of all 21 priests who have been suspended.

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