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The Omelette Weekly Roundup: Japan Earthquake Kills Hundreds, Hawaii Unaffected By Tsunami, Charlie Sheen Fired, Charlie Manuel, and More News


The Omelette Friday March 11, 2011 Weekly Roundup

8.9 Earthquake Rocks Japan, Causes Tsunami, and Kills Hundreds

Japan was hit by one of the strongest earthquakes in history early this morning EST, which caused a major tsunami. The 8.9 earthquake has killed 300 people (so far) and 110 more people are confirmed dead. The earthquake occured near the cost of Honsu, Japan. A 30 foot high tsunami rocked the coasts all throughout Japan. This isn't officially the worst earthquake in Japan's history just yet, but the worst in at least 100 years according to officials.

Hawaii Largely Unaffected by Tsunami Waves

Fortuantely, Hawaii was spared by the massive tsuanmi created by the 8.9 earthquake in Japan this morning. CNN is reporting that waves of only a few feet high reached the Hawaiian Islands. For the latest Hawaii news, check out this site for updates.

Charlie Sheen Fired and Plans to Sue For $100 Million

Charlie Sheen, who was just fired from Two and a Half Men on Tuesday plans to sue the network for $100 million. Good luck Charlie, you're in for a battle.

Charlie Manuel Re-upped for Two Years

The Phillies have awarded Charlie Manuel with a 2-year contract extension, which will keep him in Philly through the 2013 season.

Expect Flooding This Weekend After Rivers Crest

Hurricane Schwartz was reporting last night that the worst of the flooding for many areas may not even happen today, but Saturday. The reason is simple - rivers won't crest until sometime on Saturday, which could spell disaster throughout the region.

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