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Japan Nuclear Crisis, Villanova Gets Into NCAA Basketball Tournament, and Man Sent to Jail For Setting Puppy on Fire


The Omelette Monday March 14, 2011

Japanase Officials Don't Fear Chernobyl-Style Nuclear Disaster

Despite another explosion at the Fukushima plant (damaged by Friday's earthquake), Japanese officials don't expect this nuclear disaster to become another Chernobyl. The Nuclear crisis has resulted in evacuations of thousands of Japanese citizens as citizens have become exposed to some radiation. Nuclear rods inside the plant have become partly exposed as well.

Villanova, Temple, and Penn State Get Into NCAA Tournament

Villanova becomes the first team ever to lose their last 5 games of the regular season to make the NCAA tournament. They are a 9th seed and will play 8th seeded George Mason on Friday and Cleveland. Both, Temple and Penn State got to the big dance as well. Temple (7th seed) and Penn State (10th seed) will face off against eachother in the first round on Thursday in Arizona.

Man Sent to Prison For Setting Puppy on Fire

Finally, a man has been sentenced to prison for 2-to-7 years for setting his puppy on fire in front of his children. Fortunately, the puppy had only minor facial scarring after he poured rubbing alcohol upon it before lighting it on fire.

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