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Temple University Ousted In Double Overtime, Obama Authorizes Attacks on Gaddafi’s Forces in Libya, and Flyers Clinch Playoff Spot


The Omelette Sunday March 20, 2011

Temple Owls Lose in Double Overtime to San Diego State

The Temple Owls finally got out of the first round of the NCAA tournament by defeating Penn State. It was a huge step for Fran Dunphy’s program which lost as a #5 seed last year in the tournament to Cornell. The Owls brought their A-game against #2 seed San Diego State, which is a favorite for the Final Four by many experts. Unfortunately, they couldn’t come on top, losing in double overtime to heavily-favored San Diego State 71-64. While it’s a huge step for Temple University, the Owls still haven’t reached the Sweet 16 in a decade. On the flip side, the Temple Owls women’s team did win on Saturday.

President Obama Authorizes Military Operations Against Gaddafi’s Forces in Libya

For the first time in President Obama’s presidency, he has initiated military involvement on another nation. Ironically it occurred on the 8th anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War. Yesterday, President Obama along with French President Nicholas Sarkozy authorized military operation in Libya against Muammar Gaddafi’s forces. The British are involved as well. According to David Gregory of NBC’s Meet the Press, this is meant to be more like the Persian Gulf War in 1991 than the Iraq War of 2003. The U.S. and Europe are attempting to paralyze Gaddafi’s forces and pressure him into ceasing with attacks in Libyan rebels. When you listen to Gaddafi’s rhetoric, he’s unlikely to acquiesce and is preparing for a long war.

Philadelphia Flyers Clinch Playoff Spot With Win Over Dallas

The Flyers have clinched a playoff spot after a dramatic overtime victory against the Dallas Stars in Dallas last night. The Flyers had a 2-0 lead and blew it. This looked like another loss for the Flyers, but they pulled out the W in overtime and are now officially in the playoffs.

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