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Veterinarian Murdered Pregnant Mistress from Macungie, Chris Brown's Good Morning America Explosion, and Gaddafi Libya Update


The Omelette Wednesday March 23, 2011

Veterinarian Allegedly Murdered Pregnant Mistress

Authorities have tracked down the man they believe is responsible for the murder of Jennifer Snyder, who was found dead in a wooded area in Lehigh County. David Adam Rapoport of Lansdale was formally charged with Ms. Snyder's murder on Tuesday. Authorities allege that Rapoport (who is married) planned and executed the murder of Jennifer Snyder after she became pregnant with his child. Rapoport is being charged with the murder of the unborn baby as well. Rapoport was an animal doctor at a Harleysville Animal Hospital and was having an affair with Snyder, who worked as a veterinarian tech at Maple Hills Veterinary Hospital. Lehigh County prosecutors may go for the death penalty when Rapoport heads to trial.

Chris Brown Has an Epic Explosion After Good Morning America Interview

If there was ever a doubt about how much of a loose cannon rapper Chris Brown was before, then those doubts can be laid to rest. Yesterday while being interviewed on Good Morning America by Robin Roberts he was asked about his assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna. Chris Brown stormed off the set and went ballistic in his dressing room, destroying a mirror and screaming like a maniac. Brown did little to help his image by going into this violent rage. Face it, he may have a career as an entertainer, but he is known for committing a brutal assault upon Rihanna, and that will never be forgotten by most people. This will certainly not be the last time he'll be confronted about his heinous actions from a few years ago.

Latest News On Gaddafi Situation in Libya

Muammar Gaddafi was taunting the U.S. last night after days of missile attacks on his forces by the U.S.-led coalition. Gaddafi stated that they were laughing at the missiles. In his first public appearance since the coalition attacks, Gaddafi vowed to fight to the end and pledged victory. President Obama said Gaddafi may wait out the military assault.

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