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The Weekly Roundup: Will Ferrell The Office, Donald Trump a Birther, Japan Nuclear Reactor, Wrong Way Driver Video, Myanmar Earthquake, and More


The Omelette Friday March 25, 2011 Weekly Roundup

The Office Proposal Episode and Teaser for Will Ferrell Joining Cast

Will Ferrell Will join The Office when it resumes in two weeks on Thursday April 7th. He will join the cast for just four episodes during the transition from Michael leaving Scranton. Last night was the "proposal" episode - where Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) proposed to Holly. The way the proposal done was cute and touching. Holly's Dad isn't doing well so she decided to move back to Colorado, where Michael will join her. This is where Ferrell will come into the mix. He will join the cast for a few episodes towards the end of this season - leading up to Steve Carrell's final episode on April 28th. They ran the teaser last night at the very end of the episode. It was reported a few months ago Ferrell would come aboard for four episodes.

Donald Trump an Obama Birther? Say it Aint So....

Donald Trump was on 'The View' yesterday and got into it with Whoopi Goldberg about President Obama. However, it didn't have to do with his policies, but about Obama's birth certificiate, which he demands be released to the public. Yep, Donald Trump is among the legion of Americans called "birthers" who doubt Obama's legitimacy as an American citizen. Trump said he has thought about a run for President in 2012. If he's going the "birther" route, he can forget about having any chance. The nutjob Tea Partiers may vote for him, but that's about it.

Japan Nuclear Reactor Update

According to the L.A. Times, Japan has expanded the nuclear plant's evactuation zone. Radiation levels were said to have stabilized in recent days, but officials fear a crack in the reactor's core. This would of course mean high amounts of radiation can be leaked into the enviornment.

Arizona Knocks off Duke in Sweet 16

Arizona knocked off Duke last night to advance to the Elite Eight, and it wasn't even a contest. The Wildcats knocked off the Blue Devils 93-77 last night. Arizona's Derrick Williams scored a career-high 32 points in the upset.

6.8 Earthquake in Myanmar yesterday

There was a powerful earthquake in Myanmar (Burma) yesterday. The earthquake measured 6.8 on the Richter scale. It is reported that one person is confirmed dead and historical sites have been damaged.

Man Catches Woman Driving Wrong Way on Route 309 on Cellphone Video

Yesterday Adam Zurek was driving on Route 309 North when he noticed a driver driving the wrong way. He then proceeded to videotape the woman driving the wrong way on Route 309 south (on the opposite side from him) for five miles. Check out NBCPhiladelphia's video of the wrong way driver!

View more videos at: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com.


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