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Donald Trump's Obama Birth Certificate Obsession, President Obama Speaks on Libya, and Sixers Beat Bulls


The Omelette Tuesday March 29, 2011

Donald Trump is Obsessed With President Obama's Birth Certificiate

Donald Trump stepped up his criticism against President Obama in regards to his birth certificate. Yesterday on Fox, Donald Trump made himself out to be the new leader of this so-called birther movement. Donald Trump presented his birth certificate yesterday and asked for President Obama to produce his. Sounds like a high school fight if you ask me. For those of you unaware, the birther movement is a group of gullible conpsiracy theorists who think President Obama is not an American citizen. Most of these people are racists and Tea Partiers who never gave Obama a chance to begin with, simply because of the color of his skin. I don't think Donald Trump is a whacko Tea bagger or a racist, but he's fighting the wrong fight here. Many of the same people associated with the birther movement are the same type of people who think the U.S. orchestrated the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, otherwise known as "truthers."

President Obama Inists U.S. Won't Be in Long Drawn Out War

Last night President Obama addressed the nation about the United States' involvement in Libya. Obama stated the key reasons why the U.S. got involved - mainly due to the atrocities committed by Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Obama was insistent that the U.S. won't be engaged in a long drawn-out conflict and that NATO would take over control of the no-fly zone in the coming days. Many critics argued that President Obama's attack on Libya was unconstitutional.

Sixers Crush the Bulls

Finally, the Sixers defeated the Chicago Bulls last night. The Sixers led pretty much the entire game and (despite going into the game a 10-point underdog) defeated the Bulls 97-85. The Bulls lead the Eastern Conference and were a 10-point favorite heading into last night's game. Huge win for the Sixers.

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