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Philadelphia Flower Show 2011 French Springtime Theme, Multiple SEPTA Train Lines Shut Down, and Ghost Hunters' TAPS Team Goes to Pennhurst Asylum


The Omelette Thursday March 3, 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show 2011 To Have a French Theme

Spring is just around the corner and The Philadelphia Flower Show will transform the Philadelphia Convention Center into spring in just a few days. The 2011 Philadelphia International Flower Show will be hosted by the The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The event runs from March 6th through the 13th. The theme of the show is "Springtime in Paris," with a replica of the Eiffel Tower being showcased.You can purchase tickets for the Philadelphia Flower Show at their website. Adult prices are $25 each, students $20, and children $15 each. The Philadelphia Flower Show holds the distinction of being the world's largest flower show.

SEPTA Train Brings Down Power Lines In Conshohocken

Around 7:30 this morning, the SEPTA Norristown Line (formerly the R6) brought down power lines one mile past Conshohocken. Riders onboard reportedly were thrown when the train came to a screeching halt. The riders were then stranded and were told to walk to the Conshohocken station a mile away. In all three SEPTA lines were shut down following the incident.  New Jersey transit sent up a rescue train to pick up stranded passengers near Juniata Park.  According to SEPTA's Twitter account, the Norristown line resumed service at 12:20 P.M.

Ghost Hunters Heads to Pennhurst State Hospital

Last night, the long-awaited "Pennhurst Asylum" episode of Ghost Hunters finally aired. Ghost Hunters' season premiere was last week, but last night should have been the debut. This was easily one of their top three episodes of all time. It ranks up there with their visit to the Buffalo Terminal and Eastern State Penitentiary.  At one point, one disembodied voice said the word "Spring City" when a couple investigators posed the question "where will you go?" Spring City is literally right around the corner from the Pennhurst State Hospital!  All throughout last night's episode, whispers, screams, and banging could be heard throughout the infamous Pennhurst State Hospital. 

Once I heard that the Ghost Hunters TAPS team investigated Pennhurst back in October just before Philly2Philly was covering Preston and Steve's Pennhurst event, I couldn't wait. And last night they delivered in a big way. Kudos to the entire TAPS team and the folks at the Sy Fy Network for pulling off a great investigation.