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Attempted Sexual Assault in Port Richmond, Phillies Insist They'll Play Friday, and Google Doodle Celebrates Robert Bunsen's 200th Birthday


The Omelette Thursday March 31, 2011

Attempted Sexual Assault in Port Richmond Yesterday

Yesterday a 17-year-old girl was nearly abducted and sexually assaulted by a man in Philadelphia's Port Richmond section. Police describe the man as a muscular black man in his 30's or 40's with a light beard. They say the man was wearing a dark hooded shirt with a gold zipper, jeans and tan boots. The girl was walking home at around 7:30 P.M. last night when the near-assault occured.

Google Honors Robert Bunsen With Google Doodle Today

If you go to Google's homepage today you'll notice that their Google Doodle logo resembles a series of animated bunsen burners. If you're wondering why, it happens to be Robert Bunsen's 200th birthday. Bunsen of course if the inventor of the Bunsen burner.  This brings back fond memories of chemistry class in high school when we all got to experiment with these instruments, which are still in use today. Just recently Google honored infamous magician and escapist Harry Houdini with a Google Doodle.

Phillies Insist They'll Play on Opening Day

Even though John Bolaris and Hurricane Schwartz expect nasty weather tomorrow, the Phillies are insistent they'll play on opening day. This game will draw comparisons to the opening of the stadium back in 2003 when they played in frigid, rainy conditions. Temps are expected to be in the low 40's tomorrow with heavy rain and possible wet snow. It will make for an ugly Phillies Opening Day for the ages.

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