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The Omelette Weekly Roundup: NFL Lockout 2011 Deadline Extended, Jimmy Fallon's Dead-on Charlie Sheen Impersonation, More Poisoned Dogs, Chase Utley, and More


The Omelette Friday March 4, 2011

NFL Lockout 2011 Not Happening Yet - Deadline For Labor Talks Extended 24 Hours

Maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel with regards to the imminent NFL Lockout. The NFL Owners and Players Assocation agreed to extend the deadline 24 hours. This doesn't mean a lockout won't happen, but it's a great sign that they're willing to extend it 24 hours. It also creates a sense of urgency for the owners and the players to get a deal done. According to ESPN.com, "The 24-hour extension on Thursday was offered by the owners and accepted by the union when both sides made their most significant progress in labor talks to date, sources said."

Jimmy Fallon's Charlie Sheen Skit is a Huge Hit

Jimmy Fallon is making headlines with his Charlie Sheen impersonation on his late night show. Fallon impersonated Charlie Sheen in a cologne commercial, which has gone viral. He's being praised for his spot-on impersonation of the troubled actor as he promotes a brand of cologne called "Winning." This comes on the heels of Charlie Sheen's interview tour, which started on the Alex Jones Show last Thursday. In the span of a week Charlie Sheen has reinvented himself (inadvertently) into a pop culture phenomenon. And, he set a Guinness World Record for being the fastest to get 1 million Twitter followers. On a side note, isn't Twitter just a little too "new" to have a Guiness World Record associated with it? Just a thought. Check out the Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen "Winning" Cologne commercial below.

CharlieSheen Calls Into Wired 96.5

Philly radio station Wired 96.5 jumped onto the Charlie Sheen publicity gravy train yesterday when they flew a plane over his house trying to get his attention. The plane carried a banner, which said “Wired 96.5 and Philly loves you, we have your next role. Please call us.” Minutes later Charlie Sheen called in and said he was flattered by the promotion. Apparently, Sheen will call into 96.5 again this morning.

More Poisoned Dogs in New Jersey Town

Authorities suspect a hunter is behind a rash of dog poisonings, which have left several dogs dead. Two more dogs were reported to have been killed by the poisoned meatballs left along a trail. They suspect a hunter left the poison meatballs along a trail to kill off coyotes in the area. Regardless of the hunter's intentions, this individual is responsible for the deaths of several pets and has to be held accountable.

Chase Utley Still On the Mend

Chase Utley is still out. GM Ruben Amaro was on 610 WIP the other day and admitted he's concerned. They wouldn't place a time table on how long Utley would remain out.