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The Weekly Roundup: Phillies Opening Day, April Fool's Day Storms, Woman Raped Inside Coffee Shop, and Delaware Medical Marijuana


The Omelette Friday April 1, 2011 Weekly Roundup

Phillies Opening Day Will Be an Ugly One

The Phillies open their 2011 season today against the Houston Astros. While the weather will be nasty, they will still probably get the game in. Temps won't get out of the 40's and it will be quite rainy before tapering off. However, winds are expected to gust 25 miles an hour or more, which makes for nasty conditions for the players. Even though the calender says April 1st, it will feel more like February today. Roy Halladay will take the hill against former Phillie Brett Myers. First pitch is at 1:05.

April Fool's Day Feels More Like Winter

It's April Fool's Day and you won't be getting any hokey April Fool's pranks on Philly2Philly. The past four months have been among the coldest in a long time. Here we are on April Fool's Day and it feels like February. Most of New Jersey and Pennsylvania were spared of snow, but temps will feel like they're in the 30's when you account for the windchill. That's no April Fool's joke. Upstate New York isn't so lucky - they will get hammered with snow today. Fear not though, better days are ahead. We will finally see warmer weather starting tomorrow and it will get into the 70's on Teusday.

Woman Raped Inside Coffee Shop In Philadelphia

32-year-old Christopher Reeves is wanted by police for robbing and raping a woman inside "The Bean Exchange" coffee shop yesterday. Reeves has a long rap sheet, with a criminal career, which stretches back 15 years. Reeves first went inside the shop and told the woman working there he was homeless and needed money. After she gave him a dollar he returned 15 minutes later and stole $173 from the register and proceeded to force her inside the bathroom and raped her.

Delaware Medical Marijuna Bill Passes

New Jersey isn't the only state on this side of the ocean making a push for medical marijuana. Yesterday, the Delaware Senate approved the legalization of medical marijuana yesterday. The bill passed by a resounding 18-3 margin. The bill now heads to the Delaware House, where they feel they'll have enough votes for it to pass. It will then go to Governor Jack Markell to sign into law.

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