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John Boehner's Budget Battle, Birthday Party Shooting in Chester, and Cockfighting Ring Busted in New Jersey


The Omelette Sunday April 10, 2011

John Boehner's Budget Battle Victory and Government Shutdown Averted

John Boehner is getting a lot of credit for digging his heels in and managing to get a budget deal done just an hour before the deadline of a government shutdown. In the end, John Boehner got the $100 billion budget cut that conservatives wanted. And, Republicans didn't take a PR hit by being responsible for the first Federal Government shutdown since 1995. In the end, the Republicans and Democrats were both winners. Republicans got their massive budget cut and Democrats didn't have to compromise on Planned Parenthood. Some Republicans are not pleased that John Boehner compromised on certain social issues, but politics is a game of give-and-take. Many Tea Party supporters are said to not be happy with the deal as well. John Boehner's budget battle will be the first of many as the campaign season starts soon. Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, the Chairman of the House Budget Committee will certainly play a huge role in future Republican - Democrat budget standoffs.

Shooting After a Birthday Party in Chester Results in Two Deaths

Two people were shot dead and seven injured after a deadly shooting in Chester on Friday night. The shooting took place after a birthday party at the Minaret Temple on Ward and 4th Street where many teenagers were present. The scene was described as utter chaos. Eighteen-year-old Robel Laboy died soon afterward and David Johnson, 17, died Saturday morning. Authorities are holding a 17-year-old in custody and are searching for other alleged assailants. Added to that, many weapons were recovered inside the hall. A vigil was held Saturday night to offer support to the families and friends of the shooting victims.

Cockfighting Ring Busted in New Jersey

A cockfighting ring was busted in Hamilton Township New Jersey on Saturday where they discovered animal carcasses and many sick animals. At least 42 roosters had to be euthanized and three goats were rescued from the home. No arrests were made as of yet, but charges are expected to be filed early this week.

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