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Dog Fighting Ring Busted in Philadelphia, Phillies Win Series Against Braves, and Flyers to Face Sabres


The Omelette Monday April 11, 2011

Dog Fighting Ring Busted in Philadelphia

SPCA officials busted a major dog fighting operation in South Philadelphia last night. 20 people were arrested after the house was raided during a dog fight in an upstairs room. This is regarded as one of the biggest dog fighting rings to ever be busted by the SPCA. Seven dogs were rescued from the "house of horrors" in the Gray's Ferry section of Philly. The raid came on the heels on an SPCA investigation, which lasted several months. SPCA officials waited for an actual fight to be in progress when they pounced.

Phillies Win Series Against Braves

Cole Hamels' second start of the season was a gem as he led the Phillies to a 3-0 win over the Braves on Sunday. This marks the second straight series where the Phillies lost their first game to come back and win two straight.  The Phillies are off today and will take on the Nationals tomorrow night in Washington.

Flyers to Take on Sabres in First Round

The regular season is finally over and the Flyers can relax for a few days as the NHL playoffs are set to begin. They will take on the Sabres in the first round. The Flyers stumbled down the stretch, but lucked out by playing the Islanders in their final regular season game - who they always seem to beat. After defeating the Islanders the Flyers clinched their first division title in years. They are the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference. They will take on the Sabres in Game One on Thursday night at 7:30 P.M.

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