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Weekly Roundup: Cliff Lee Dominant, Flyers Shut Out, Will Ferrell On The Office, Chase Utley Begins Running, and Coachella


The Omelette Friday April 15, 2011 Weekly Roundup

It was a busy, busy news week. The Phillies have won another series. The Flyers disappointed last night, while the Sixers literally limped into the playoffs. Ryan Madson's wife caught fire for some alleged comments about Phillies fans, which I don't believe to be true. Two daytime soaps were canceled on ABC yesterday. Charlie Sheen is still off the chain. And, Will Ferrell made his debut on The Office last night. Now...here's the roundup!

Cliff Lee Dominant in Phillies' 4-0 Victory Over Nationals

Cliff Lee threw a 3-hit shutout in the Phillies 4-0 victory over Washington last night. Once again, the Phillies won two straight games to take another series after dropping the opening game. Lee was dominant, striking out 12 Nationals batters in the shutout effort. Roy Oswalt will take the hill tonight against the Marlins at 7:05 as the Phillies return home to the Bank.

Flyers Shut Out 1-0 By Sabres in Game One

Speaking of shutouts, the Flyers couldn't get anything going against Ryan Miller and the Buffalo Sabres last night. They were without Chris Pronger, but their defense wasn't the issue. The Flyers were shut out 1-0 behind a dominant effort by goalie Ryan Miller. For all of the Flyers fans who called into 97.5 and said they would win in 5, this series might be tougher than you think. The Flyers had many questions heading into the playoffs and it certainly appears their struggles have continued.

Will Ferrell Makes Long-Awaited Debut on The Office

Will Ferrell made his debut on The Office last night and it did not disappoint.  I have been against the notion of bringing a celebrity aboard the cast to replace Steve Carrell, but with Will Ferrell's temporary role - it strikes a nice balance. Last night they gave the impression that Ferrell's character (Deangelo Vickers) would serve as Michael Scott's replacement. Unless you're living under a rock you probably know that he will only be on the show for four episodes. The Office has lot a lot of it's luster from seasons one and two, and was not nearly as funny this season. But, with the proposal episode and last night's episode, some new energy has been injected into NBC's most popular sitcom.

Chase Utley Begins Running...Rehab Progressing

Chase Utley has begun running according to MLB insider Todd Zolecki. Turns out his rehab could actually be progressing and we can expect him to contribute this season. It's certainly great news after an offseason filled with bad news regarding Utley's ailing knee. It would give a huge boost to a Phillies team, which is already enjoying a fine offensive season.

Coachella Music Festival Kicks Off

Finally, Coachella has kicked off today. The music festival is in it's 12th year and the headliners are Kanye West, Kings of Leon, and Arcade Fire - which are all sold out of coursePhilly2Philly was at Coachella last year and we plan on having plenty of news this year as well. Be sure to check out our entertainment page regularly!

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