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Roy Halladay Gets Smacked By Brewers, Duck Boat Rides Return, and Texas Wildfires Worsen


The Omelette Wednesday April 20, 2011

Phillies Get Blown Out By Brewers 9-0

Roy Halladay just didn't have it last night. Halladay exited the game after giving up 6 runs and 10 hits in 6 2/3 innings. Neither did the Phillies' offense, which after coming back down to Earth, has regressed even further the past few games. In their past eight games they have scored under 4 runs.This marks the first time all year, that the Phillies have lost two games in a row. And, they are just 1-3 in their past 4 games.

Duck Boats Make Their Return Thursday

The Duck Boat tours will make their return to the Delaware River on Thursday - for the first time since a deadly accident in early July of last year. The Duck Boat Tours will operate under a new safety plan, which the company negotiated with the Coast Guard. They include a rescue boat that will always be docked at Pier 5 and a much shorter water ride.

Texas Wildfires Continue To Spread

According to CNN, Texas is burning "from border to border" this morning as wildfires continue to spread out of control. Firefighters from 34 states are battling the fires, which have burned over 1 million acres. However, according to space.com - the worst of the fires appears to be over after images were released from the McDonald Observatory.

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