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Weekly Roundup: Lindsay Lohan's Good Friday Excuse, Easter Sunday Dinner Recipes, Sixers Lose, Jeff Carter Injury, Roy Oswalt Solid, and Donald Trump Seinfeld Feud


The Omelette Friday April 22, 2011 Good Friday

Today Is Good Friday and You May Have Off

Many lucky folks will have off work today for Good Friday. If you're one of the unlucky ones who has to work - you're in for an easy commute. If you do have off then you might be spending much of the day indoor with lousy weather today. Temps won't get above the lower 50's today and rain will enter the forecast later in the afternoon.

Lindsay Lohan's Good Friday Excuse

Lindsay Lohan tried to use Good Friday as an excuse to get out of a mandated court apperance today. The judge wasn't having any of that and Lohan will be in court for a preliminary hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to try Lohan on the grand theft charge for allegedly stealing a $2,000 necklace. Her lawyer recently had the necklace appraised between $800 and $1000 - so if she is found guilty she's looking at a misdemeanor charge of petty theft. According to TMZ, her felony charge could be reduced to a misdemeanor today thanks to the "17" rule.

In other Lindsay Lohan news, she's back on board the John Gotti movie project and will play John Gotti Jr.'s wife Kim Gotti. She originally tired otu for the part of Gotti's daughter, but that fell through.

Easter Sunday 2011 Is Just a Few Days Away, So What's For dinner?

Easter is just a few days away and a very popular day to go out to dinner with the family. Some of us (in the interests of saving some cash) prefer to have lunch or dinner with the fam at home. Are you in a bind as to what to make for Easter lunch or dinner? Look no further than allrecipes.com, FoodNetwork.com, GoodHouseKeeping.com, and Cooks.com for great Easter Dinner recipes ranging from scalloped potatoes, deviled eggs, apple ginger glazed ham, and even Easter breads.

Sixers Lose Game Three to Heat

The Sixers lost once again to the Miami Heat in Game Three, losing 100-94. They were controlling this game until the final 5 minutes of the 4th quarter then folded. As I predicted they would be lucky to win a game or possibly be sweeped. While the Sixers' 41 win is a vast improvement over last year, they were awful down the stretch and probably had the worst matchup they could have had in the Miami Heat. I don't think the Heat will win the championship (my money is on Oklahoma City) but Lebron James and Dwyane Wade could probably beat the Sixers' starting five by themselves. Look for Miami to bring out the brooms on Sunday.

Think about this. Would you rather the Sixers be swept in the first round of the playoffs or be in Minnesota's position where they have an elite young player in Kevin Love and a potential #1 pick? I'd prefer they be in Minnesota's position myself. This is why the Sixers are irrelevant. For years (like this year) they were a borderline playoff team just good enough to get beat in the 1st round or bad enough to get a lousy lottery pick. With the exception of last year they have had mediocre draft picks, which has resulted in the team you get.

Jeff Carter's Knee Injury Is More Serious Than They Are Letting On

Despite what the Flyers are (not) saying, Jeff Carter is not day-to-day and could be out two weeks. Carter limped off the ice in game four and sustained a right knee injury. GM Paul Holmgren is denying a rumor that Carter will need surgery and could be out several weeks. The good news is that Chris Pronger could be back for Game 5 tonight. The Flyers are back at home and will face off against the Sabres tonight at 7:30.

Roy Oswalt Tosses Six Shutout Innings Against Padres

Roy Oswalt gave Phillies fans quite a scare last week when he left the game early, but returned last night to pitch six shutout innings in the Phillies 3-0 victory against the Padres. Oswalt was far from perfect as he needed to throw 106 pitches, but managed to keep the Padres' bats at bay. The Phillies' offense struggled as Ben Francisco and Brian Schneider provided the only offense - with homeruns.

Donald Trump Is Going At It With Jerry Seinfeld Over That Birther Thing

Donald Trump is never afraid to take shots at anyone. Whether he's ripping Rosie O'Donnell for her weight or ripping President Obama over his birth certificate - he goes no holds barred. Now, he's ripping Jerry Seinfeld for canceling an appearance at his son Eric's dinner benefit coming up in September. Seinfeld is reportedly very unhappy that Donald Trump won't let go of the Obama birth certificate issue. Trump responded by ripping Jerry Seinfeld in a statement where he brought up his failed "Marriage Ref" show on NBC and said that he should be shamed of himself. Trump better get used to it, because contrary to what he thinks - there is a small percentage of (birther) whackjobs in America who buy this nonsense about President Obama being born in Kenya.

Photo of Trump and Obama from alliswired.com

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