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Flyers Choke Against Sabres, Lindsay Lohan Free on Bail and To Appeal Jail Sentence, and Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall Stabbed


The Omelette Saturday April 23, 2011

Flyers Choke Against Buffalo Sabres In Game Five

We've seen this before. It's happened to all four Philadelphia teams in many different fashions when it counts most. Last night the Flyers gave one away to the Buffalo Sabres in game 5 - losing in overtime 4-3. Game 5 was a case of deja vu for Flyers fans. This game started out much like game 2 when Sergei Bobrovsky was pulled from the game after surrendering three goals in the first period. This time Brian Boucher was yanked after giving up a 3 spot. Enter Michael Leighton - the same Michael Leighton who gave up the winning goal in the Stanley Cup Finals to the Blackhawks. And, the same Michael Leighton who was cut this year and appeared in just his second game all year. The Flyers fought back from the early deficit to make it 3-3 behind Danny Briere's game-tying goal in the third period. It appeared that the Flyers had the momentum in overtime, but it was for nought as Tyler Ennis scored his second goal of the game to secure a game 5 victory for the Sabres. Historically Game 5's in the playoffs are virtually deciding games. The Flyers head to Buffalo and will look to send it to a game 7 on Sunday. But, if history is any indicator - the 2011 season will be a total failure for the Flyers who came into this season with enormous expectations.

Be sure to check out Joe Vallee's breakdown of the Flyers' game 5 loss to the Sabres and where it compares to other Philly heartbreaks.

Lindsay Lohan Out on Bail...To Appeal Jail Sentence

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 120 days after violating her probation, but is free after posting $75,000 bail. It seemed to catch everybody by surprise that she would go to jail, but fact of the matter is she violated her probation and it was her own doing. The judge did reduce her charge from felony theft to a misdemeanor, but ordered her to 120 days in jail, 120 hours of community service at the county morgue, and another 360 hours of community service at a women's center. She was promptly taken to jail after being sentenced by Judge Stephanie Sautner, before posting the $75,000 bond. Lohan and her lawyer will appeal the sentence.

Lindsay Lohan was back in the news this week for another saga - involving her potential role in the John Gotti biopic. First she was in, then she was off the project, and then the producers of the film signed her to a deal where she'll play John Gotti Jr.'s wife Kimberly.

Dolphins Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall Gets Stabbed

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall is in intensive care after being stabbed by a woman late last night. According to ESPN he was rushed into surgery late last night and is still in the ICU after being stabbed in his stomach. He wasn't stabbed in any vital organs though. According to his agent - Marshall will make a full recovery. This is just the latest in many run-ins off the field for the controversial Pro Bowl wide receiver.

ESPN's Adam Schefter is on top of the situation and tweeted this around 9 A.M.:  “Details still sketchy but someone who knows about Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall being stabbed told ESPN, "He's going to be OK." Schefter later tweeted that he spoke to Mike Sims Walker (a friend of Brandon Marshall's) who said he'll be OK and is in good spirits.

On Schefter's Twitter page he stated that "thankfully he will make a full recovery, we simply ask that his privacy is respected."

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