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Mumia Abu-Jamal Granted New Sentencing, Phillies Lose To Dbacks, and NFL Lockout Lifted...Sort Of


The Omelette Tuesday April 26, 2011

Mumia Abu-Jamal Granted New Sentencing Hearing

The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has granted Mumia Abu-Jamal a new sentencing hearing. This is the latest battle in a long legal struggle for Jamal, who was convicted for first degree murder in the 1981 shooting death of Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner. Jamal's first degree murder conviction was upheld by the court though. The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered prosecutors to conduct the new sentencing hearing within six months or agree to a life sentence.

Phillies Lose to Arizona Dbacks 4-0

Cliff Lee didn't have his A-game last night in the Phillies' 4-0 defeat to the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Phillies' offense once again went cold and made Ian Kennedy look like Cliff Lee on a good night. Kennedy allowed just 3 hits and struck out 10 Phillies. Roy Oswalt will take the hill tonight.

Judge Rules in Favor of NFL Players to Lift Lockout

Judge Susan Richard Nelson dealt NFL Players an upperhand yesterday by lifting the NFL lockout. Hurray, the lockout is over and all is well in the world again right? Not really. All this means is that NFL players can show up to their respective stadiums and work out.  No free agents will be signed and there won't be any NFL Draft-day trades involving players currently on rosters. The NFL said they will wait a few days for things to sort out, but will respect the court's decision prior to their appeal being heard. DeMaurice Smith (head of the NFLPA) said it is pure chaos now.

Commissioner Roger Goodell claims the NFL players' efforts threaten football as we know it. The NFL filed a stay and the players have until Wednesday at 9 A.M. to respond to the league's motion for a stay of her ruling. The stay would put the lockout on hold pending an appeal.

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