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Weekly Roundup: Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey, Eagles Puzzling Draft Pick, Record Tornadoes, Joe Blanton, and Steve Carell's Last Episode


The Omelette Friday April 29, 2011 Weekly Roundup

Royal Wedding At Westminster Abbey

After weeks and months of hype, the Royal Wedding is taking place at Westminster Abbey. It was speculated that the ceremony itself wouldn't be televised, but it in fact is. For live updates of the Royal Wedding check out the Huffington Post, and People Magazine sites. The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is expected to be among the most highly watched programs in history.

Philadelphia Eagles Select a 26-Year-Old Guard With First Round Pick

Let's see here. The Eagles had an abysmal defense last year. Center was a weakness. And, they go and select a 26-year-old guard (Danny Watkins) out of Baylor for their first round pick, who will be 32 years old once his rookie contract expires. Once again the Eagles prove to us that they think they know more than anyone else and are trying to outsmart the rest of the league. This was a terrible pick for so many reasons. But, again the Eagles know so much more than anybody else. They have so many Super Bowl rings to show for it. If you want to see the fans' take, check out Igglephans.com and you can see there are many pissed off Eagles fans and rightfully so.

Record Tornadoes in South Lead to Over 250 Deaths

A series of record tornadoes in the south killed over 250 people this week. For Alabama, it's the most severe tornado damage in 40 years. This marks the second time this month, tornadoes have battered the south. It could be a precursor to a record number of tornadoes in the U.S. this year.

Joe Blanton Hits the DL

The Phillies have yet another injury. This time Joe Blanton is hitting the DL with an elbow injury.

Steve Carell's Last Episode On The Office

Finally, it was Steve Carell's last episode on  The Office last night. I am calling it now - Daryl will be the new boss in Scranton. In a key moment last night, Michael Scott handed Daryl his incomplete manuscript of "Somehow I Manage." The season finale will feature Jim Carey, Ricky Gervais, and many other notables as they interview for Michael Scott's job.

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