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Bomb Threat Targets Arlene Ackerman, Cracks Found in Other Southwest Planes, and Phillies Sweep Astros


The Omelette Monday April 4, 2011

Bomb Threat Targets Philadelphia Schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman

Philadelphia Schools Superintendant Arlene Ackerman is the target of a bomb threat. She along with her staff were threatened in a suspicious email. In the email, she along with her staff were allegedly threatened at their Spring Garden headquarters. School officials are now on high alert.

Cracks Found in Other Southwest Planes

FAA Inspectors have found cracks in three other Southwest 737 planes. This comes just a few days after an emergency landing involving a Southwest plane after a hole ripped in the top of the fuselage. After officials inspected the plane, widespread cracks were discovered throughout the plane. Southwest has grounded 79 jets and canceled hundreds of flights following the incident.

Phillies Sweep The Astros, Following 7-3 Victory

The Phillies completed a three-game sweep of the Houston Astros yesterday. They won 7-3 yesterday and improved to 3-0 on the young season. There were many questions surrounding the Phillies heading into the season, but so far so good for the Fightins. Up next for the Phillies are the Mets, whom they take on Tuesday night at 7:05 at The Bank.

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