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Cole Hamels Gets Shelled, Federal Government Shutdown Possible, and Elderly Woman Stuck on Toilet For Four Days


The Omelette Wednesday April 6, 2011

Cole Hamels Gets Shelled in Loss to Mets

The Phillies lost their first game of the season to the Mets last night in a 7-1 rout. Cole Hamels lasted just 2 2/3 innings before being yanked after allowing 6 earned runs. Hamels hasn't been himself at all during spring training and the struggles continued last night. Phillies fans let Cole Hamels know how much he stunk last night as he was booed off the field following his performance. Philly haters will say Phillies fans were being classless goons, but the booing was deserved.

Federal Government On Verge Of Shutdown Saturday

The Federal Government could be just days away from it's first shutdown since 1995. Republicans and Democrats are sparring over a fierce budget debate that gets more heated each day. Budget talks are now at an impasse.   Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan, the Republican fiscal savior has put himself front-and-center in the debate against President Obama. If this plays out then the Federal Government will shut down on Saturday.  The economic impact from the federal shutdown could hit home for many Americans.

Elderly Woman Stuck on Toilet For Several Days

An elderly woman was rescued inside her Tioga apartment on Tuesday after it was discovered she had been stuck on her toilet for four days. There are different reports about the woman's age. NBCPhiladelphia reports the woman is in her 90's, while 6 ABC is reporting that she's 84 years old. Her identity is being kept confidential. The woman, who lives alone was discovered by her social worker and the building manager, who went to check on her after her family failed to reach her for a few days.

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