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Charles Ramsey Staying in Philly, Glenn Beck Leaving Fox, Matt Lauer News, and Phillies Hang On


The Omelette Thursday April 7, 2011

Commissioner Charles Ramsey Staying In Philadelphia

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey announced a press conference yesterday that he will be staying in Philadelphia. For weeks there was speculation that Commissioner Ramsey would leave Philly for Chicago to serve under new Mayor Rahm Emaneul. While Ramsey relished the thought of going back to his hometown, he stated that he has unfinished business in Philadelphia. There is speculation that Ramsey is staying put because Emanuel balked at his salary demands.

Glenn Beck Leaving Fox News...Is He Too Extreme For Even Fox?

Could Glenn Beck be too extreme for even Fox News? Apparently so. He announced on his program last night that he will be leaving Fox News at the end of June. Glenn Beck fanatics and Tea Party patriots claim this is the end of the world as we know it. While Beck is leaving his show, he will still provide content.   During his show last night Beck compared himself to Paul Revere when explaining why he's leaving the network. There is a theory out there (and Beck loves theories) that he's going to create his own channel.

Matt Lauer Possibly Leaving The Today Show

In addition to Glenn Beck leaving Fox and Katie Couric possibly leaving CBS, there are reports that Matt Lauer is leaving NBC's Today Show. Lauer's contract ends in 2012 and word is he won't renew. This would make for quite a shakeup in the TV world with so many big-name personalities leaving their current posts. Lauer allegedly told his bosses he won't renew his contract when it expires on Dec. 31st 2012.  Meredith Viera is also rumored to be leaving The Today Show. Maybe Oprah has a secret plan in order to hire Beck, Lauer, Couric, and Viera for her O Network? Things that make you go hmm....

Phillies Hang on For 10-7 Win After blowing 7-run Lead

The Phillies hung on against the Mets last night after Joe Blanton had a horrific 5th inning. They were leading 7-0, but things fell apart in the 5th when Blanton allowed 7 runs. Unlike Tuesday, the Phillies came out victors against the Mets with a 10-7 victory. Ryan Howard continued his torrid April by going 4 for 4 with a homer and two doubles.

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