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Mississippi River Flooding, Phillies Knock Off Marlins, Penn State Student Shot, and Souderton Girl Murdered


The Omelette Tuesday May 10, 2011

Mississippi River's 'Epic Flooding' Could Break Levee

Officials are warning that the Mississippi River's "epic flooding" will test the levee system like never before. Memphis is in deep trouble this morning after the Mississippi River crested at 48 feet.  Not only are local citizens affected, but this will affect oil prices as well.

Phillies Knock Off Marlins

The Phillies got off the schnide last night and knocked off the Marlins 6-4 in south Florida. Joe Blanton returned from the DL to pitch 5 decent innings. He is still complaining of some soreness though. As of right now he's scheduled for his next start on Saturday.

Penn State Student Murdered on Door Step Near Temple University

On Monday afternoon a Penn State student was hanging outside his girlfriend's house when he was accosted by a thug, who wanted his motorcycle. When the young man refused to give up the bike, the man (described as a black man wearing a black hoody) shot him three times - in his face and chest. The man was transported to Temple University Hospital where he died at around 5:30 in the evening.

Police Nab Suspect in Missing Girl's Death

Late last night, an emergency report was broadcasted - regarding the abduction of a little girl in Souderton. Sadly, Skylar Kauffman was found murdered nearby the residence at around midnight - three-and-a half hours after Kauffman's parents reported her missing. Police have taken into a custody a 40-year-old man who had blood on his clothes. She appeared to be strangled and sexually assaulted.

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