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James Troutman Arrested for Murdering Souderton Girl, Phillies Lose to Marlins, and Lancaster's Jonathan Groff Returns to Glee


The Omelette Wednesday May 11, 2011

Murderer of Souderton Girl Arrested

Police have identified the murderer of Skylar Kauffman - a 9-year-old girl from Souderton who was raped, strangled, and murdered on Monday night. 24-year-old James Troutman, a neighbor of Kauffman's was arrested for allegedly raping her, then repeatedly beating her and strangling her to death. She was found in a dumpster and wrapped in a blanket. Troutman told authorities that he basically "whited out" and snapped once he took her into the basement and knew that he'd get in trouble. Troutman did have a previously run-in with Kauffman and another adolescent in the neighborhood. James Troutman served as a volunteer firefighter with the local fire company. If there's ever a case for a public execution - this is it. And, the family and whoever from the neighborhood should be allowed to participate in Troutman's public execution.

Phillies Lose to Marlins in Pitching Duel

Roy Halladay was great last night in south Florida, but Josh Johnson was just a tad better. The Phillies came up short in the 2-1 loss. Once again their bats squandered opportunities and they will look to win the series today with Cliff Lee on the hill. They will go back at it tonight at 7:10.

Lancaster Area's Jonathan Groff Returns to Glee

Lancaster area actor and Conestoga high graduate Jonathan Groff returned to Glee last night. He will be on the last three episodes of the season. Last season Groff played the role of Jesse St. James and turned on Rachel after they became romantically involved. Jesse St. James (Groff) returns this season to make amends with her and help the Glee club win the nationals.

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