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Will Smith's Obnoxious Trailer, Phillies Defeat Marlins in 9th, and Bin Laden Journal Seized


The Omelette Thursday May 12, 2011

Will Smith's Obnoxious Trailer Angers NYC Residents

Will Smith has drawn the ire of New York City residents for bringing an unwelcome guest; his trailer. Smith is currently in NYC filming Men in Black 3. Smith's obnoxious trailer is so large that it can fit many city apartments inside it. The 1,150 square foot trailer was actually parked in a So Ho New York City neighborhood this week. The trailer measures 55 long and has 22 wheels! The Mayor's office has now forced Smith to move his trailer out of the neighborhood. Even though Will Smith is a Philly legend and had an incredible career, he has to be called out for this obnoxious and vulgar display of wealth. Kudos to the NYC Mayor's office for sticking it to him.

Phillies Knock Off Marlins to Take Series

The Phillies won in dramatic fashion against the Marlins last night 5-3. And, the hero of the night isn't who you think. Rather it was Pete Orr, who entered the game in the 7th inning and knocked in the winning run(s). The Phillies will head up the I-95 corridor to take on the Braves tonight at 7:35. Cole Hamels takes the hill against Brandon Beachy.

Navy Seals Obtained Bin Laden's Personal Journal During Raid

Even though Pakistan is refusing to hand over Bin Laden documents, which weren't seized during the raid of his compound - the U.S. has in it's possession Bin Laden's personal journal. The journal was among many items seized during the raid by Navy Seals. Some of the information from his journal, which was leaked to the public includes his daily obsession to bring another 9/11 type attack upon America. None of the information our government is willing to put out there is surprising, but there is certainly some intel that will benefit U.S. forces. Pakistan meanwhile is proving once again that it aided and abetted Bin Laden. Their refusal to hand over documents makes them complicit in his crimes.

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