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May 21 Doomsday Fraud, Jason Giambi Crushes Phillies, and Lower Merion Cop Sexually Assaulted Woman


The Omelette Friday May 20, 2011

May 21st Doomsday Fraud Perpetrated By Harold Camping

Tomorrow (May 21st) is allegedly doomsday, but in reality anybody with a sane mind knows it's just a fraud being perpetrated by Harold Camping. Even religious people are calling Harold Camping a false prophet -a wolf in sheep's clothing if you will. They aren't the only religious people to dismiss Camping's May 21st Judgment Day prediction. And, he's made a ton of money off this so-called May 21, 2011 Doomsday "event." Tomorrow, life will go on as normal, but for Camping's scared followers they are sadly being duped. On top of that, Camping is trying to blame gay people for doomsday. Not only is he a disgusting fraud, but he's a disgusting bigot too.

Jason Giambi Crushes Phillies with 3 Homeruns in 7-1 Rout

The Phillies sunk like the titanic last night - losing to the Rockies 7-1. Kyle Kendrick made over-the-hill former slugger Jason Giambi look like Babe Ruth last night as he blasted 3 homeruns (Kendrick allowed 2 to Giambi). Joe Blanton also missed the start due to elbow soreness. The injuries just keep on coming to the Phillies...

Lower Merion Cop Accused of Sexual Assault and Stalking

A woman told members at a public meeting on the Main Line on Wednesday night that she was raped and stalked by a Lower Merion police officer. She alleges the attacks and stalking took place in her home over the course of a month. Lower Merion officials placed him on desk duty pending the investigation.

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