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Joplin Missouri Tornado Kills 90 People, Harold Camping Speaks About Doomsday Dud, Chase Utley's Return, and Bernard Hopkins Wins


The Omelette Monday May 23, 2011

Tornado Destroys Joplin, Missouri and Kills 89 People

In what is becoming the deadliest year of tornados in the U.S., a tornado ravaged the city of Joplin, Mo yesterday.  Unlike previous systems, where multiple tornadoes affected southern states, this was a single tornado, which was reported to be 1-mile wide. The Joplin Missouri tornado is dubbed "the deadliest tornoado in 60 years." One individual captured a video of the tornado as it struck last night.

Even St. John's Regional Medical Center in Joplin was damaged and had to be evacuated following the storm. Every window was blown out and the top two floors were blown off. A Med Flight Manager at the hospital gave a chilling account of the tornado as it struck the hospital.

All told, the twister carved a 6-mile path of destruction and damaged 2,000 buildings and killed 90 people. Unfortunately, officials are still in the recovery phase and are likely to find more victims from the deadly tornado.

Harold Camping Finally Speaks About May 21st Doomsday Dud

Harold Camping has has finally come out of the woodwork and spoke about his epic fail on May 21st "Doomsday."  So, what was Camping's explanation? Harold Camping said he is "flabbergasted" that nothing happened on Saturday. Camping declared that May 21st would be the end of the world, or doomsday if you will. And, as every single sane person expected, his prognostication was a failure. What's even worse is that many gullible people quit their jobs or blew through their life savings in anticipation of this so-called event. This is the second time that Camping has come up short on his prediction for the end of the world.

Chase Utley Returns to Phillies Tonight

Even though the Phillies scored just 5 runs in their 3-game series against the Rangers, they did take two out three. That's the good news. And, they're receiving more good news regarding Chase Utley, who is expected to join the team for tonight's game. Even though Utley has been doing extremely well in the minors and reportedly moving without any hitches, we have to temper expectations until he gets into the flow every day. Nonetheless, his return (even if he's not at full strength) will give a boost to an anemic Phillies offense.

Bernard Hopkins Becomes Oldest Boxer To Win Title

Saturday night, Philly's Bernard Hopkins made history as he defeated Jean Pascal to become the oldest boxer in history to win a title. With the victory over Pascal, the 46-year-old Hopkins claimed the WBC and IBO light-heavyweight belts. Hopkins has repeatedly said that he intends on fighting until he's 50 years old.

With Bernard Hopkins cementing his legacy as a legendary fighter, this has to burn Donovan McNabb up inside. In case you don't know, Bernard Hopkins and Donovan McNabb are enemies. Hopkins called out McNabb for being a choke artist during his time in Philly.

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Photo from NY Times

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