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Phillies Crush Reds in Chase Utley's Return, Tiger Woods Coming to Philly, and Casey Anthony Murder Trial Starting Today


The Omelette Tuesday May 24, 2011

Phillies Crush Reds in Chase Utley's Return

The Phillies' bats were in the zone against Bronson Arroyo and the Reds last night in their 10-3 victory. as Chase Utley made his long-awaited return. While he didn't get a hit (the only starter to not record a hit) his presence was felt in other ways and he breathed some life into the team. As "Wheels" said before the game, Utley's return was akin to getting a player in a trade. Utley went 0-5 in his first major league game since the Phillies' disastrous game 6 loss to the Giants in the NLCS. I think it's safe to say Utley deserves a pass, considering it's just his first game back. Let's give him a couple weeks to get acclimated and up to game speed before passing judgment.

Tiger Woods Coming Back To Philadelphia in AT&T National

Tiger Woods spoke at the AT&T National Press Conference this morning and stated that he'll be ready to for the U.S. Open despite a knee injury he suffered in April. Woods is the host of the AT&T National, which will be played at Aronomink Golf Course for the second consecutive year. He joked on Twitter before the press conference that he would donate $1 million to charity if everyone abstained from asking about his knee injury. This is good news for Tiger Woods fans in the Philly area who are hoping to get a glimpse of the world's greatest golfer. Since the U.S. Open is played in mid-June he should be good to go for the AT&T National, which kicks off on June 29th. For tickets to go the official AT&T National website.

Casey Anthony's Long-Awaited Murder Trial Starts Today

The long-awaited trial of alleged baby killer Casey Anthony begins today. Anthony is facing first-degree murder charges for killing her infant child back in 2008. She has asserted that she's innocent of the charges, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Opening statements began today in what is turning out to be the most-hyped court case in recent history, which is putting Orlando in not just national news, but global news.

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