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Phillies Lose To Reds, Rash of Shootings in Philly, and Oprah's Final Show is FINALLY Today


The Omelette Wednesday May 25, 2011

Phillies Lose to Reds 6-3

Last night the Phillies let this one get away from them as they held a 3-1 lead until the 5th. Up until that point Vance Worley looked like he could hang with the "Big Four" before yielding 2 runs in the 5th before leaving with a 3-3 score. Ultimately the Phillies dropped this one 6-3 to the Reds thus ending their 8-game losing streak to the Phillies. Tonight Roy Halladay takes the hill against Travis Wood at 7:05.

Rash of Shootings and Robberies Affecting Philadelphia

You know as they say - when the weather gets warmer, the violence increases. Well, it's really increasing in Philly this month. A Penn State student was shot in the head because he wouldn't give up his motorcyle a few weeks ago. Then over the weekend, 9 people were shot outside a club in Feltonville. Now, people are getting robbed in Northern Liberties, which was one of the emerging spots in Philly.

Oprah's Last Show is Finally Today

It seems like Oprah's final show has been hyped for months. Every single day she's in the news for something related to her final season on ABC. And, now the moment of truth has arrived where she'll host her final show today before departing to run her OWN Network. Not to sound overly negative, but does Oprah really need any help from the media in hyping herself? It's been a constant onslaught of media coverage for the past several months and quite tiring. She deserves respect for what she's done in the industry, but her final season has become a case of "media overkill." I'm honestly glad that her show is over with so I don't have to hear the constant "Oprah barrage" any longer.

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