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Phillies 19 Inning Epic, U2's American Idol Spider Man Whorefest, and 'Cougartown' Rips Off Slack's Hoagie Shack Logo


The Omelette Thursday May 26, 2011

Phillies Win 19-Inning Thriller 5-4...Wilson Valdez Gets the W

No that is not a misprint folks. Wilson Valdez got a win last night for the Fightins. All it took was 6 1/2 hours and 19 innings, but the Phillies pulled out an epic victory over the Reds last night, winning 5-4.

The Phillies ran through all of their pitchers and had to put Wilson Valdez in at pitcher - who got the W. The move didn't prove to be fatal as they survived to the bottom of the 19th and got a game-winning sac fly from Raul Ibanez.

U2's American Idol Performance "Commercial" For Spiderman on Broadway

Everyone was wondering why U2 would perform on American Idol. It was obvious after last night's performance this was just a shameless commercial for their Spiderman Broadway Musical. During Bono and The Edge's performance, Spider Man leaps down from the ceiling and it turned into a advertising whorejob for their Spider Man Musical.

I personally am a huge fan of U2, but this was an abomination. Do they really need to whore themselves out this badly? When you look up selling out in the dictionary you'll see a clip of U2's American Idol Spider Man Commercial, because it sure wasn't a "performance." This is the same band that brought to us "War", "Achtung Baby", "Joshua Tree", "Rattle & Hum", and countless other amazing albums! With this whorefest last night it definitely taints their legacy.

ABC's 'Cougartown' Rips Off Slack's Hoagie Shack Logo

The owner of Slack's Hoagie Shack is calling foul on one of ABC's most popular shows. Owner Dennis Slack claims 'Cougartown' ripped off his logo and used it in a scene where a character is promoting some hoagie shop called "Mel's Hoagie Hut." When you look at the two logos side-by-side, it's a clear rip-off on ABC's part and shameful. It's clear that Slack got boned by ABC on this one.

And, ABC execs are ignoring him. Even though legal fees are expensive, Slack has a good case here.

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