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Weekly Roundup: Al Qaeda Confirms Bin Laden's Death, Oil Prices Plunge, Tyler Clementi's Suicide Trial, and Flyers - Bruins


The Omelette Friday May 6, 2011 Weekly Roundup

Al Qaeda Vowes Revenge For Bin Laden's Death

Al Qaeda has confirmed Osama Bin Laden's death today and vowes to take revenge upon Americans. They released a statement today where they stated Bin Laden's death is a curse for Americans.  One couldn't expect anything less from the terrorist organization which lost it's guiding force. Now conspiracy theorists should take note that if Al Qaeda is confirming his death, that they should suck it up and just move on. Bin Laden is in fact dead - end of story.

Oil Prices Finally Plunge

Oil futures took a huge plunge, going under $100 a barrel on Thursday - dropping some 10 percent from their high of $114. But, oil prices have since gone up a few dollars to $102. What does this mean for the consumer? Probably nothing as of yet. We all know how long it takes for the oil price savings to hit the pump. It could be hopefully the beginning of something good, but don't hold your breath yet.

Tyler Clementi Suicide Suspect on Trial

One of Tyler Clementi's "murderers" is on trial and may avoid jail time. Even though they didn't directly murder him, they utlimately caused his death by putting a video up online of him having a sexual encounter with another man. Molly Wei (one of two Rutgers students charged) has cooperated and may save her ass and avoid jailtime. Unfortunately, Wei isn't even looking at a murder charge, but just probation.

Flyers Attempt to Stave Off Elimination Tonight

Finally the Flyers will look to stave off elimination against Boston tonight. They are down 0-3 and Bobrovsky will start tonight. Anything is possible in the world of sports, but this Flyers team looks like they are ready to go fishing.

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