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Phillies Lose to Braves, Hit and Run Incidents in Philadelphia, and Flyers Aftermath


The Omelette Monday May 9, 2011

Phillies Fall To Braves on Sunday Night

For the second consecutive week the Phillies played on Sunday night. And, once again it resulted in a loss. Cole Hamels took the hill last night against the Braves and surrendered 2 homeruns in the Phillies' 5-2 loss. The Phillies will head to Florida to take on the Marlins tonight at 7:10.

Rash of Hit and Run Incidents in Philadelphia

There have been an astounding number of hit and run incidents in Philly over the past several days. On Saturday, a 54-year-old man (Alton Parker) was high on PCP when he plowed his car into several kids on a crowded street. To top it off, he had an ax in the car and led police on a chase before crashing into a building. He was aprehended.

Then this morning a man was hit and killed when getting off a bus in the Hunting Park section of Philly. The driver of course fled from the scene.

In fact, if you google "hit and run philadelphia" you're sure to see several incidents over the past several weeks.

Aftermath of Flyers Disappointing Season

After the Flyers' disappointing sweep at the hands of Boston, there are serious changes to be made for sure. Don't miss Joe Vallee's column on the Flyers today, where he compares their situation to the Phillies' in 2006.

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