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Parents of Ferris Wheel Victim May Sue, Cole Hamels Dominant Again, and Mayor Nutter's Soda Tax Proposal Gets More Criticism


The Omelette Wednesday June 15, 2011

Parents of Girl Who Died on Ferris Wheel at Morey's Piers May Sue

We knew this was coming despite the fact that a mechanical error was not the cause of Abiah Jones' death - according to police. The lawyer representing Jones' parents said they are investigating a possible lawsuit against Morey's Piers.

One possible loophole could be the fact that she was allowed to ride in the car alone and that may have contributed to her fall. However, inspectors insist children over 10 may ride the Ferris Wheel alone as long as they are at least 54 inches tall. Jones met both requirements.

In any event - this comes as little surprise that a family is looking to get monetary compensation from a tragic death. Many people won't admit it but they would do the same thing. Their justification for possibly bringing on a lawsuit is that a better restraint could have prevented their daughter's fall to her death.

Phillies Blow Out Marlins 9-1

Not only was Cole Hamels on his a-game last night but the Phillies bats were as well. Hamels retired 17 straight Marlins batters at one point while the Fightins had five homers. And Dominic Brown had his breakthrough game with two homeruns in the Phillies' 9-1 victory. Hamels did leave the game in the 8th inning due to back tightness but he said he's Ok.

Mayor Nutter's Soda Tax is Even Getting Opposition From City Council

You know it has to be a really poor idea when members of Philadelphia City council won't go for a money grab. Mayor Nutter's proposal to tax soda may be the worst idea ever proposed by a Philly mayor and that's saying a lot. His proposal (which would tax soda 2 cents per ounce) could double the price of soda in the city and result in many job losses.

Sure schools are in peril (due to a $629 budget shortfall) but how about slashing the pay of the useless members in city council and countless other political parasites who serve little purpose to the people of Philly. This proves once again how out of touch Philadelphia's government really is. There was a huge rally outside City Hall yesterday and the rallies will continue. Hopefully by speaking out, Nutter will understand how foolish this proposal is. At this point it is a question as to who will lose their jobs, teachers or soda workers.

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