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Weekly Roundup: Philadelphia Soda Tax Fails, Phillies Extend Winning Streak, Apologists Defend LeBron James, and Anthony Weiner Resigns


The Omelette Friday June 17, 2011

Mayor Nutter's Philadelphia Soda Tax Fails

Mayor Nutter's proposal to tax soda in Philadelphia 2% per ounce finally bit the dust on joe vallee green lantern reviewThursday. Despite Nutter's failed proposal, City Council managed to find a way to get $52.5 million to the Philadelphia School District by raising property taxes and parking in the city. Parking will now cost $2.50 per hour in Center City.

Phillies On A Roll With 7 Straight Wins

The Phillies pulled off a rare 4-game sweep of the Marlins this week to extend their season-high winning streak to 7 games. Yesterday Cliff Lee tossed a 2-hit shutout in the 4th and final game of the series. The Phillies head out west to take on the Mariners tonight at 10:05.

Apologists Continue to Make Excuses for LeBron James

Another year has gone by and LeBron James has choked again. Of course the apologists are coming out in defense of him. Last year they blamed it on Delonte West hooking up with Lebron's mom. This time around they're saying Rashard Lewis was hooking up with his girlfriend.

I guess that explains why he can't make clutch shots in the 4th quarter. Face it, Lefraud James is the Donovan McNabb of the NBA. He's anything but "King" James. Anyway, you can't give yourself a nickname in pro sports. That is a violation of all violations!

Anthony Weiner Finally Resigns

Yesterday Anthony Weiner took the podium all by his lonesome at a community center where he began his political career and announced his resignation. Weiner didn't take any questions and he handed in his resignation while being heckled.

Weiner brought this all on himself though. He screwed around behind his wife's back for one. Two, he made the stupidest social networking mistake in the history of politics by sending out the lewd photo by mistake. Three, he lied and lied some more. And, four more dirt came out on him. Despite his claims last week that he wouldn't step down there's no way he could survive this debacle.

Green Lantern Out in Theatres

Finally, for all of you Green Lantern fans, get the full scoop on 'Green Lantern' by checking Joe Vallee's review!

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