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Anthony Weiner Twitter Crotch Photo Scandal, Dog Found Hanging From Tree In Philly, and Phillies Embarrassed By Nationals


Republicans Exploit Anthony Weiner "Crotch-shot" Twitter Scandal

Republicans are taking advantage of the Anthony Weiner Twitter scandal and posturing in a big way. Conservative blogger pounced on the opportunity immediately and threw fuel on the fire. Breitbar has accused Weiner of having inappropriate relations with multiple young women. Now if you go onto his site biggovernment.com, it has become devoted to Anthony Weiner''s "Crotch-gate" Twitter scandal - with 20 articles devoted to this at the top of his homepage. Really? Does this deserve that much coverage? It's obvious his account was hacked because no politican in their right mind would send an explicit photo of themselves for the public to see. Case closed.

And of course Republican loudmouth Eric Cantor is chiming in.  Eric Cantor says Weiner needs to "come clean" about the origins of the photo which may or may not be Weiner's crotch. Weiner insists this was the result of a hacker pulling a prank on him. However, Weiner won't say whether or not the photo is his. This is where he screwed up royally. If Weiner were smart he would have flat out denied the photo was his from the get-go, but instead he won't deny the lewd photo is of him . Now, Weiner says he will not answer any more questions about this fiasco. But, we know this will not just go away.

Now he's just opening himself up to more questions and giving Republicans cause to exploit this situation for political gain. Weiner has aspirations to run for Mayor of New York in 2013, but this certainly is doing damage to his solid reputation as a Congressman.

Phillies Embarrassed By Nationals

The Phillies offense struggled once again as they mustered just 5 hits and 1 run off the Nationals. Nationals pitcher John Lannan recorded his first win against the Phillies in 12 career starts. The Nationals took the series yesterday with a 2-1 victory in Washington. The game ended in controversial fashion as Placido Polanco was struck out looking on a pitch was clearly out of the strike zone. The Phillies are idle today and will take on the Pirates in Pittsburgh tomorrow night. Perhaps we spoke too soon about the resurgent Phillies offense which scored 5 or more runs in 6 of 7 games. Since then they have managed just 3 runs in 2 games.

Dog Found Hanging On A Tree In Philadelphia

Yesterday while a man was walking his dog in the Bridesberg section of Philly he made a shocking and gruesome discovery. The man found a dog hanging from a tree with a stick shoved down it's throat. It's just the latest case of despicable animal cruelty in Philadelphia. So far there are no suspects.

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