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Mariners Shut Out Phillies, Third Fire in Camden a Possible Arson, and Amy Winehouse Cancels Tour Dates


The Omelette Monday June 20, 2011

Phillies Lose Two Out of Three to Mariners

Even though the Phillies beat one of the best pitchers in baseball in Felix Hernandez on Saturday night, they managed to lose two out of three to the mediocre Seattle Mariners. Yesterday they were shut out for the 8th time this season by Jason Vargas, as their offense managed just 3 hits against him in the 2-0 loss. Vargas looked more like Roy Halladay yesterday in his 3-hit shutout of the Phillies. The Phillies are idle today and will head to St. Louis to take on the Cardinals at 8:15 Tuesday night.

Third Fire in Camden Could Be an Arson

The third major fire in 10 days in Camden could be the result of arson. The first two fires seemed rather suspicious and this could in fact be the work of a serial arsonist. The scene where a fire broke out a former chemical plant was ruled a crime scene by investigators yesterday morning, with a man brought in for questioning. Officials think these fires may be the work of scavengers who scoured these abandoned buildings for scrap.

Amy Winehouse Cancels Part of European Tour

Amy Winehouse is on the radar again for the wrong reasons. On Saturday night, Amy Winehouse's concert in Serbia resembled a really bad Eagles loss when she was booed off the stage after appearing to intoxicated. First, she showed up an hour late, then she greeted the crowd in BELGRADE, SERBIA by saying "Hello Athens."

Winehouse was reportedly slurring the words to her songs and disappeared during parts of the show, while the band had to pick up the slack. Amy Winehouse eventually walked off the stage after being booed. She is now going to cancel some upcoming European tour dates.

Winehouse is attempting to turn her life around and bring her career back on track after years of run-ins with the law and drug abuse. If Saturday's diaster in Belgrade is any indication she's headed down the same dangerous path once again.

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