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Bam Margera Returns Home, Shocking Hit and Run Video at 7-Eleven in Yeadon, and Phillies Put Up 8 Runs in 8th Inning


The Omelette Wednesday June 22, 2011

Bam Margera Returns Home and Visits Scene Where Ryan Dunn Was Killed

Bam Margera returned home yesterday and visited the scene of the crash on route 322, which resulted in the death of best friend and "Jackass" co-star Ryan Dunn and Zach Hartwell on Monday morning.

Margera, who was completely devastated by the death of his best friend was extremely shaken up at the scene. Bam Margera gave his first interview to Fox 29 following the tragedy and stated, “I was in Arizona with best friends having the best time with friends,” Margera said.  “He was the happiest person, the smartest guy with so much talent.”

"I've never lost anybody that I care about, he's my best friend." Understandably so, Margera stated he'll "never get over this" devastating loss.

Shocking Video of Hit and Run Where Man Survives

Last night, a shocking video of a hit and run outside a 7-Eleven in Yeadon made the rounds as a man was hit by a car in front of the store and pushed inside the store through the glass. Then a woman got out of the car and walked by as if nothing happened. Police are looking for the owner of the vehicle - 32-year-old Wilaisha Rankins from Upper Darby.

The man who was hit in the incident is not only lucky to be alive, but he escaped with fairly minor injuries.

Phillies Blow Out The Cardinals 10-2 With 9-run 8th Inning

The Phillies got back on the winning track last night in St. Louis with a 10-2 victory. This was actually a game last night for 7 innings, with the Phillies trailing 2-1 before putting up 9 runs in the 8th.

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