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Philadelphia Shootings and Anarchy, Michele Bachmann's John Wayne Gacy Gaffe, and Johnny Knoxville's Tribute to Ryan Dunn


The Omelette Tuesday June 28, 2011

Philadelphia Shootings and Angry Mob Attack

Philadelphia has officially become the most dangerous city in America - at least right now. Over the weekend there were 20 shootings in the city. All told, 32 people were shot during a 3-day wave of violence which even makes Detroit look like Manayunk.

And last night the violence continued in the Spring Garden section of Philly when a group of several dozen people erupted into an angry, violent mob and began attacking people on the streets. Philadelphia is rife with anarchy right now and in a crisis situation. With the recent events, it would behoove Mayor Nutter and Commissioner Charles Ramsey to take severe action including declaring a state of emergency.

Michele Bachmann's John Wayne Gacy Gaffe

Michele Bachmann is taking a lot of flak for her John Wayne Gacy gaffe Sunday when she spoke with Fox News. During an interview with Fox News, Bachmann said, "What I want them to know is just like John Wayne is from Waterloo, Iowa, that's the spirit I have too." However, the ACTOR John Wayne isn't from Waterloo Iowa. Instead, the infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy is from Waterloo.

Suffice it to say, this is a minor slip-up for Bachmann, but it just gives fuel for her critics to deride her and make her look like a fool. In reality it's small fries, but in the world of politics you have to get everything right, especially when you're a polarizing figure like Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin.

Bachmann's team should certainly do some fact-checking for her and take care of the little details since this is just the latest in a series of incorrect statements on her part.

Johnny Knoxville Gives a Tribute to Ryan Dunn on His Blog

Last week Johnny Knoxville was quite emotional at Ryan Dunn's memorial service, so much so that he could barely speak.

Yesterday, Johnny Knoxville gave Ryan Dunn a tribute on his blog and he has followed it up with several more posts.  Yesterday, Knoxville said that he was "34% funnier when Ryan Dunn was around" and he was always someone "you could talk to." And, it makes it that much tougher since he wants to talk to him right now.

It just speaks to how much Ryan Dunn really meant to his crew from "Jackass" and how much of a class act Johnny Knoxville really is. Check out his blog and check out the nice tribute he has put together.

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