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Weekly Roundup: Jack Kevorkian Dead, John Edwards Indicted, Chris Christie Helicopter Controversy, Anthony Weiner Twitter Saga, Beaver Attacks, and Dunkin Donuts Lawsuit


The Omelette Friday June 3, 2011 Weekly Roundup

Jack Kevorkian "Dr. Death" Dead

The man known as "Dr. Death", Jack Kevorkian has passed away today at the age of 83. Kevorkian was a revolutionary in the medical community as he assisted in the suicides of 130 terminally-ill patients. He was a controversial figure as well, but no matter how you look at it - Dr. Jack Kevorkian's importance as a humanitarian cannot be understated. He was willing to relinquish his own freedom in order to ease the suffering of his patients. Kevorkian was sentenced to 10-to-25 years in prison for second degree murder and released after eight years under the condition he would no longer conduct "patient-assisted suicide."

John Edwards Indicted Today

Former vice-presidential candidate John Edwards has been indicted today and pleaded not guilty to the charges. He gave a statement today and apologized for the pain he caused, but insists he "did not break the law." Edwards is charged with using campaign fund violations and conspiracy. Authorities allege Edwards received over $900,000 in campaign contributions and used the money to cover up his relationship with mistress Rielle Hunter. This week it's a dream come true for Republicans. First Anthony Weiner caught up in the Twitter photo scandal. Then Chris Christie quelled the helicopter scandal by paying for the trip. And now the disgraced John Edwards is looking at possible jailtime.

Chris Christie Agrees To Pay Back Money For Helicopter Ride

Yesterday, Chris Christie ponied up more than $2,000 to put his helicopter ride controversy to rest. On Tuesday he flew 70 miles from Trenton to see his son's baseball game, which drew the ire of his critics who called him a hypocrite. Chris Christie is a champion of budget cuts and fiscal conservatism in a state with serious budget woes. Christie is disliked by many teachers for his cuts in education and wanting to end teachers' tenures.

Anthony Weiner Twitter Scandal Not About To Blow Over

A few days ago, Republicans were beating the drums to get Anthony Weiner to "come clean" about the origins of a photo (leaked on Twitter) which may or may not be Weiner's crotch. Weiner insists that it the result of a hacker pulling a prank on him. However, Weiner won't say whether or not the photo is his.  Weiner is now refusing to answer further questions after he didn't deny the lewd photo is of him.  Now, Democrats are pushing Weiner to end this controversy. And, he cancelled an appearance in  Wisconsin to spend time with his wife.

Phillies Look To Get Back On Track Tonight Against Pirates

The Phillies head to Pittsburgh to take on the Pirates for a 3-game series this weekend and will look to rebound from their embarrassing series against the Nationals. It seems like years since the Phillies lost a series to the Nationals who rendered their offense ineffective in the last 2 games. The Phillies scored just 3 runs in their last 18 innings. They take on a Pirates team which is not in last place for a change. The Pirates are 26-29 on the season.

Final news tidbits....

Finally some quicky newsbites. Officials are claiming that a beaver which bit a couple and child in North East Philadelphia is rabid. Police are telling people to avoid Pennypack Park for now.

A Philadelphia woman is suing Dunkin Donuts for making her coffee too sweet. She claims Dunkin Donuts gave her coffee, which was too sweet and caused her to have a diabetic attack. She claims the coffee made her sick and she had to go to the hospital immediately.

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