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President Obama In Philly Today, Phillies Take Game Two Off Red Sox, and Chris Hansen Caught Cheating With Reporter Kristyn Caddell


The Omelette Thursday June 30, 2011

President Obama in Philly This Afternoon

President Barack Obama is making the rounds today as he raises funds for the 2012 election, and he will be in Philly this afternoon. Expect the rush hour commute to be a nightmare as the Phillies will take on the Red Sox at 1:30.

Obama is expected to land at Philadelphia International Airport today at 4:15 P.M. He'll first head to the Hyatt In Center City for a fundraiser sponsored by DNC's Generation Fourty Four (Gen44) Council. Members of the Gen44 Council get in for $250. Outsiders can get in to this fundraiser for $1,000 or $2,500.

The motorcade will then head up to Mt. Airy for a fundraiser at the home of Comcast Exec David L. Cohen.

Phillies Take Series Against Red Sox

For the first time since 2003, the Phillies have taken a series from the Boston Red Sox. Behind Vance Worley's 7-inning, 1-run effort and Raul Ibanez they defeated the Red Sox 2-1. Raul Ibanez (who has been struggling for a month) went 3-for-3 last night and hit his first homer of the season in a month to secure the win.

The Phillies and Red Sox go back at it today in the third and final game of the series at 1:30. Cole Hamels will take the hill against Red Sox ace Jon Lester.

Chris Hansen, Host of Dateline's "To Catch a Predator" Gets Busted on Camera Cheating

Chris Hansen, the  host of NBC Dateline's "To Catch a Predator" show got a taste of his own medicine yesterday when he was outed for cheating on his wife. Hansen is known for his show where he videotapes perverts trying to hook up with underage girls on camera. And, then of course the cops move in and arrest the perps. The concept is brilliant and he's doing a noble cause by ridding society of scumbag perverts.

However, Hansen turned out to be a lowdown cheating scoundrel and was having an extramarital affair. The National Enquirer was tailing Hansen for months and videotaped him as he was having a torrid love affair with a sexy blonde reporter who is nearly half his age. Hansen is 51 years old and the woman he was with (Kristyn Caddell) is 30 years old.

Kristyn Caddell, up until yesterday was a little-known reporter from WPTV in West Palm Beach Florida. Today, she's an instant household name and will be known as the woman who exposed Chris Hansen on camera.

This isn't a case of true irony as Hansen wasn't busted on camera for hooking up with a an underage girl, but it's pretty darn close since he was busted for cheating on his wife!

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