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Plaxico Burress Drawing Eagles' Interest, Rick Santorum To Run For President, and Phillies End 4-Game Skid


The Omelette Monday June 6, 2011

Plaxico Burress Freed From Prison: Could The Philadelphia Eagles Sign Him?

Plaxico Burress is finally a free man and is reportedly drawing interest from the Eagles according to many in the New York media. When he was a free agent several years ago the Eagles were said to be interested before the Giants signed him to a six-year deal for $25 million. One potential hang-up could be the Mike Vick factor. Burress is not allowed to have contact with convicted felons during his two-year parole, which could complicate matters. Since they are co-workers, the courts will probably make an exception, but they won't be able to "hang out" off the field. Don't be surprised to see the Eagles take a chance on Burress.

As he left the Oneida Correctional Facility this morning he doned a Phillies hat. Burress' agent Drew Rosenhaus is touting his client as the #1 free agent this year.

Phillies End 4-game Losing Streak With Win Against Pirates

The Phillies finally came up with a win in Pittsburgh, defeating the Pirates 7-3 yesterday afternoon. Their offense, which was lifeless over the past 4 games came up huge as they ammassed more runs (seven) than in their past 4 games. Roy Halladay pitched seven strong innings and gave up just 2 earned while striking out 6.

Rick Santorum To Run For President

Former PA Senator Rick Santorum has made it official and will run for President in 2012. While he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning the nomination, he will certainly provide a lot of comedic fodder and soundbites for Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and Saturday Night Live.

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