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Phillies Crush the Braves 14-1, Debt Ceiling Fight Rages On, and NFL Lockout Settlement is Imminent


The Omelette Monday July 11, 2011

Phillies Demolish the Braves 14-1 in Statement Game

On Saturday, the Phillies' 4-1 loss to the Braves was about as frustrating as they get. The game was all theirs in the bottom of the 10th and they stranded three runners on base. Sunday, they had to step up in a big way and they did, sending a statement to the Braves in the 14-1 victory. The Phillies showed the Braves that even though they were catching up, the Phillies are still the big fish in the pond. They now head into the All-Star break with an MLB best 57-34 record. The Braves are just 3 1/2 games back, so a lot can change over the next 71 games. Nonetheless, it was a huge series for the Phillies who head into the break on a good note.

Debt Ceiling Battle Rages on Between President Obama and Republicans

President Obama insists that a deal will get done soon, which will result in the raising of the debt ceiling. The fight comes down to raising taxes. Small businesses are not hiring as it is and Republicans insist that by raising taxes - small businesses will be the biggest casualties. In other words, high unemployment will continue. Obama has a plan to cut $4 trillion over ten years, but House Speak John Boehner says that the only politically viable solution involves a mid-sized package of around $2 trillion in cuts. Both sides are behind closed doors today and looking to hammer out a deal.

NFL Lockout Could End With July 21 Deal

Speaking of hammering out deals....finally, some light at the end of the tunnel concerning the NFL Lockout. According to CBS Sports, a deal is likely to be sealed by July 21 as the owners and the players are simply worn down. This doesn't mean the lockout is over and everything will be hunky-dory off the bat. The NFL Players still have to sign off on the deal and then there will be a few days until business starts. The first game of the preseason for NFL teams will likely be canceled, but who cares about preseason anyway? It's time to seal the deal and give the fans what they want. It's pretty embarrassing for both the owners and the players to let this drag out this long in a tough economy such as this.

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