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2011 NFL Lockout End in Sight, Obama's Debt Ceiling Stalemate, and Phillies Ready For Second Half


The Omelette Friday July 15, 2011

NFL Lockout End is Now in Sight After Rookie Wage Scale Resolution

NFL Owners and players have agreed to a rookie wage scale, which sets the wheels in motion for the completion of a new collective bargaining agreement in the coming days. According to ESPN's Sal Palantonio, a source with direct knowledge of the negotiations said both sides are working intently at getting a deal done soon. Owners and players have also reportedly agreed upon a $120 million salary cap.

Several sources note that July 21 will be the date in which players will vote on the new CBA when they meet in Atlanta.

Nothing is over until it's voted into effect, but it's clear now that the end of the NFL Lockout could be near.

Obama's Debt Ceiling Stalemate With Congress Continues

Another day has gone by and the debt ceiling debate rages on in Washington. According to Rep. Eric Cantor, President Obama stormed out of a meeting yesterday after being disgusted with the impasse.

President Obama insists that taxes will need to be raised on the wealthy and entitlement programs overhauled in order to make this deal work.

One proposal being floated around is to give President Obama the power to raise the debt ceiling and to hold off on raising it again until 2013.

Now, as far as the United States' top-notch credit ratings goes - a resolution prior to August 2nd may not be enough to keep it. Moody's will most likely downgrade the U.S. credit rating to negative.

Phillies Set to Begin Second Half Tonight

The All-Star break was officially over last night, but the Phillies got an extra day of rest in. They will now begin their unofficial second half run tonight when they take on the Mets at Citifield. Vance Worley will take the hill against R.A. Dickey.

They will take on Carlos Beltran who has been at the center of many trade rumors.

Philly2Philly's Joe Vallee makes a great case why the Phillies need to trade for Carlos Beltran now.

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