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2011 Heat Wave Continues, NFL Lockout Not Quite Over Yet, and Phillies Defeat Cubs


The Omelette Wednesday July 20, 2011

2011 Heat Wave Continues Today...Temps to Soar Near 100

The 2011 Heat Wave is now thoroughly entrenched in the Philadelphia area as temperatures didn't even get below 80 degrees through much of the area. The record-setting heat wave is putting incredible stress on the nation's power grid.  Nationwide, it's expected to be hotter on Thursday and Friday since 1950!

Once the sun comes out and burns off the morning haze expect temps to soar near 100 by 2:00 this afternoon, with a heat index of 110.

NFL Lockout Isn't Over Just Yet After Players

It was rumored for several days that NFL players would vote on a new collective bargaining agreement Wednesday, but late in the day it was announced that they would "take more time" to look things over. Kevin Mawae, the head of the so-called decertified players union said they weren't locked into a July 21 deadline to end the lockout, but would take time to ensure they get the best deal possible. In fact, Mawae, the new buzzkill of the lockout ending is saying a new CBA could take a few more days to complete.

Added to that, Vincent Jackson (who is a step from being suspended for a season) and Logan Mankins want $10 million each if they can't become free agents. Talk about a couple classless, disgusting fools. Players like Jackson and Mankins are why it's hard to root for many athletes anymore.

So, while the NFL lockout is at the goalline, this isn't over just yet. As Harvey Keitel's character "The Wolf" stated in Pulp Fiction - "let's not start...you know what just quite yet."

With that said, owners and players are pretty darn close to hammering this out. Maybe Kevin Mawae is feeling his oats and just wants to strut with his chest out. Either way, this needs to get done ASAP with so much at stake. Despite the negative news from yesterday, there is plenty of optimism for a vote today, especially since Roger Goodell has the 24 votes needed from the owners. Now the players have to step up.

Phillies Rout the Cubs to Take the Series in Chicago

The Cubs looked like they could actually win this series. Tuesday night they were a few outs away from accomplishing the feat, but the Phillies fought back from being down two runs and won 4-2. Yesterday they destroyed the Cubs 9-1 behind Vance Worley's stellar pitching and a pair of Jimmy Rollins homeruns. They return home to take on the Padres at 7:05 in what will surely be some brutal conditions. Gametime temp is expected to be 95 degrees with temps above 110 on the field.

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