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NFL Lockout Is Over, Brett Favre Eagles Rumors, and No Debt Ceiling Deal Yet


The Omelette Monday July 25, 2011

The NFL Lockout is Finally Over! 

It's been 4 1/2 long months since the NFL lockout began, but it officially ended when NFL.com posted a "Breaking News" story which declared it all but over. NFL Network's Albert Greer reported that players and owners agreed on a deal and the players just had to vote on it.

It's one thing for Profootballtalk.com's Mike Florio or Adam Schefter to report a done deal or even Jay Glazer for that matter, but when the NFL posts it on their site - it's over Johnny.

Now, we can start getting ready for our fantasy drafts, drool over the plethora of free agent stories, and read about the blockbuster trades in the coming days. League business will officially begin on Tuesday. And, the new 10-year labor deal will not include an opt-out clause for either side.

This means that NFL fans can rest assured that another lockout won't happen for at least a decade.


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Brett Favre Eagles Rumors Running Rampant

Once again the Eagles are front and center in NFL news. This time it involves their apparent interest in Brett Favre. Don't be surprised to see the Eagles sign him just for the publicity factor as it would create a media circus. 

We all know how jealous they are of the Phillies' success in Philadelphia and this would certainly kick the Phillies out of the top of the headlines for a few days. With their NLCS rematch series coming up against the Giants, the Eagles would love nothing more than to steal some of that thunder.  

Right now, Brett Favre's agent Bus Cook is quelling the rumors about Favre's imminent comeback. And, Philly.com is reporting that sources say it's unlikely he'll be an Eagle.

Still No Debt Ceiling Deal

There is still no deal between Democrats and Republicans over the debt ceiling.

Senator Harry Reid has a proposal on the table which won't harm entitlement benefits.

John Boehner will unveil a new debt ceiling proposal later on today. The clock is ticking until August 2nd.

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