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Police Shoot Douglass Township Murderer, Phillies Blank Marlins, and Casey Anthony Verdict Could Take Days


The Omelette Tuesday July 5, 2011

Police Locate and Shoot Mark Richard Geisenheyner...Alleged Murderer

Mark Richard Geisenheyner, the alleged gunman behind the deaths of 43-year-old Joseph Shay and 2-year-old Gregory Bosco was shot and killed yesterday by police.

Police were tipped off by a friend of Geisenheyner's who alerted authorities after he stopped over at the home and told him about shooting five people in Douglass Township Saturday night. A SWAT team surrounded the home in Trainer, PA and negotiated with Geisenheyner for several hours before going into the home and shooting him in the basement after he told police he would "never return to prison."

Geisenheyner told authorities during the standoff that he was involved in an insurance scheme with home owner Paul Shay several years ago and vowed to enact revenge upon him since being released from prison. Geisenheyner went to prison for violating his parole after receiving stolen property from Shay several years ago. Geisenheyner - a career criminal was a resident of Pottstown and lived in several other PA towns over the years.

Phillies Shut Out Marlins 1-0

The Phillies' offense may have been nearly absent in South Florida last night, but their pitching once again carried them. Vance Worley was dominant last night - going 7 innings and not allowing a single run. The result was a 1-0 Phillies victory and reliever Antonio Bastardo recorded his 5th save.

Casey Anthony Verdict Could Take Days or Weeks

Yesterday afternoon TV stations started the "jury ticker" once Judge Belvin Perry Jr. finished instructing the jury and they went to deliberate Casey Anthony's guilt in her murder trial.

Casey Anthony's verdict could take days or even weeks though. Heck, there are instances when a court case can take months to deliberate - just look at the 1991 case of Shirley and Jason McClure vs. Long Beach for proof.

As the deliberations continue, TV networks will have to scour for plenty of subplot to fill time. The latest Casey Anthony subplot involves her mouthing words during the prosecution's rebuttal. There is debate as to whether or not she said her dad was or wasn't at fault for her daughter Caylee Anthony's death. Since the only words Casey Anthony said during the trial were "yes sir" (since she declined to take the stand) this gives talking heads and writers some fodder to debate over.

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