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Casey Anthony Verdict Sparks Outrage, Another Camden Fire, and NFL Lockout End in Sight


The Omelette Wednesday July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony Not-Guilty Verdict Brings About Outrage

Hundreds of people gathered outside of the courthouse in Orlando in anticipation for Casey Anthony's murder conviction, only to be disappointed and angered afterwards. The atmosphere truly resembled an Eagles game.

Even HLN host Nancy Grace went off the deep end following the not guilty verdict.

Just hours after the jury acquitted Casey Anthony of first-degree murder, there were death threats on her family.

The so-called trial of the century hooked millions of people in much like the O.J. Simpson trial. And, it has created plenty of debate online and through social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

Yet Another Fire Strikes Camden Last Night

Another fire was started in Camden last night, making it the 5th one in a vacant warehouse in the past month.

The rash of fires (which are most likely arsons) have occured in structures mostly from the city's faded industrial era. This has prompted the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to send a team to help Camden officials determine what is happening.

Could The End of the NFL Lockout Be Coming Soon?

One day you hear positive news concerning the NFL lockout. And, then on Monday there was news about former NFL players looking to sue the league so that they don't get screwed on pension benefits by the league and players. According to USA Today, the resolution could come in multiple forms - either through a suit settlement which would require court approval or on the bargaining table.

Today, Fox News just put out a very positive story on the negotiations which could signal an end to the NFL's longest labor-stoppage in league history. According to Fox News, Lawyers for the NFL and the players' association are again sorting out contract language and details that could speed the process in reaching a new collective bargaining agreement.  Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith are expected to continue working on a resolution today and tomorrow.

With NFL Training Camps just a few weeks away it appears that both sides are committed to getting this worked out so that preseason will start on time.

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